Your Aquarium, How To Make It Successful

Before setting up your first aquarium, be sure you have time to care for it, and do some research. Aquarium fish originate in different parts of the world, so they have different needs and behaviors. If you find out about the fish you want to keep in your aquarium, you will be much less likely […]


The biggest ever problem faced by the aquarist is maintaining a constant pH level. Many hobbyists fail to understand why a constant pH level is necessary in the aquarium and what factors influence the pH reading. Why pH is important for your aquarium For a good and healthy aquarium, maintaining a constant pH can greatly […]

Nitrogen Cycle for Everyone

If this blog had a second title, it would be “How to Not Kill Your Fish.” Please read on. You may not hear about it in the pet shop, but establishing the nitrogen cycle in your new aquarium is the single most important step toward successful fish keeping. Why? Because most living things produce toxic […]