Aquadene Ruby Red 1000g

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Ruby Red is a highly nutritious, easily digested and fully balanced food which has been specially developed for the tropical fish and ornamental fish. It’s developed combination of protein, fats, trace element vitamins and natural color enhancer to ensure the fish can easily absorbs the balanced food. Thus, the fish can have a  healthy growth, high disease resistance, high vitality and excellent coloration.

FEEDING: Feed as much food as the fish can consume within 5 min, twice daily.

INGREDIENT: Fish meal, shrimp meal, wheat germ meal, wheat flour, natural coloring pigment, vitamins and other mineral element.



Crude Protein   Min.35%

Crude Fat          Min.3%

Crude Fiber      Min.12%

Crude Ash        Max 12%

Moisture         Max. 9%

Vitamin A, D, E. & other element added.


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Weight 960 g
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