Hopar Bits 300g



For Well being, Colour & Growth For All Discus & Other Demanding Tropical Fish

Complete FOOD for Colour ENHANCING

HOPAR BITS- The Slowly Sinking Granular food – ideal for all mid- water and bottom feeding fish,

HOPAR Bits Discuss Granulated food is specially formulated for providing balanced nutrition for all discus and other specialist eaters.

The discus granulated food contains new genetic enzyme, ,multivitamins, minerals and  astaxanthin that will enhance the colour of discus.

The discus will have a healthy growth, high disease resistance, high vitality and excellent coloration.

The unique granular shape helps to absorb water and soften easily.


Feed 2-3 times daily as your fish can consume within 5 minutes, remove the remaining food after 10 minutes.


High class white fish meal, growth enzyme, soya meal, wheat germ flour, prawn meal, dried yeast, fish oil, cereals, lecithin, nature astaxanthin, multivitamins, and trace of essential mineral.


Crude Protein      Min.38%

Crude  Fat            Min.  3%

Crude Ash             Min. 10%

Crude Fiber          Min.5%

Moisture              Min 10%