Ridall Anti Fungus 120ml

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Aquarium Pharmaceutical   Estab .  Since 1964

120ml for 600 litres of water

Directions: Use 5ml. (one teaspoonful) to every 25 litres of water. For severe fungi infection and for bigger fishes such as Discus, Goldfish, Koi, Arrowana, Oscar etc., use 10ml. For external injuries, dab the affected areas with undiluted Anti- Fungus. Use half the dosage for treating Tetras, baby fishes, scaleless fishes and some characins. When any distress is observed. Remove the fish immediately.

Rid- All Broad Spectrum Anti- Fungus is effective against most fungi diseases found in aquarium fishes such as, tail and fin rot, egg fungi, cotton-wool disease, mouth fungus, and “pop eye”. Also effective against white spots. Flukes, velvet, sliminess of the fin and skin, external injuries and wounds.

Main Ingredients:

Neutralized  Trypaflavine, Zinc free Aniline Green oxalate with Tetramethyionine chloride.

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