Ridall AntiChlorine 120ml

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Aquarium   Pharmaceutical  Estab.  Since  1964

120ml for 600 litres of water

RID –ALL ANTI –CHLORINE  creates natural water condition instantly by neutralizing fresh tap water’s chlorine content which is very harmful to aquarium fishes. It also removes heavy meals such as lead, copper, zinc, arsenic, mercury and cyanide found in water collected from springs and lakes. It provides a safety screen for the delicate mucus membrances on scales and gills against infections. It will reduce stress in fish every time water is added or changed. Anti- Chlorine should be used whenever fresh tap water is added to the aquarium.

It is economical to use. Safe and non – toxic to aquarium plants and fishes even when used in excess.

This new improved formula also effectively neutralizes Chloramines and gaseous ammonia from freshwater and saltwater sources.

Active Ingredients:  Na2S2O35H2O   +      EDTA

Directions: Use 5 ml for every 25 litres of fresh tap water.

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