Ridall AntiIch 120ml

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Aquarium Pharmaceutical Established Since 1964

120ml for 600 litres of water

RID-ALL ANTI-ICH is the latest development of aquarium pharmaceuticals in the treatment of “white spot” in aquarium fishes.

It destroys the lch parasites and other protozoal infections effectively within 24 hrs and within 3 days for persistent causes.

Active Ingredients: Methylene Blue B.P.C. WITH Acid Oxalate of ANHYDRODI

( p-Dimenthylamino  triphenylmethanol: ratio 13:1

Directions: Upon defection of lch, use 5ml of Rid-All ANTI- LCH  to 25 litres of water. For Tetra Species, Mormyrids, Loaches and baby fishes, use 5ml to 50 litres of water. Continue treatment for 2 days or until fish recovers for persistent causes. Rid- ALL ANTI- LCH solution can be directly applied onto the affected area To sterilize fish tank, use 5 ml to 10 litres of water and soak for 5-6 hrs.

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