Sobo Airpump 548A

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Power & Output: AC 220-240V       3W     OUTPUT: 3.5L/min        PRESSURE: 0.02Mpa

  • Long lasting performance
  • Energy saving design
  • With low noise and big output
  • 2 speed control
  • Suction cups to fit any aquariums

Instructions for use

  1. Connect pump to air stone or filter via air pipe.
  2. Plug into 220-240 volt power point.
  3. To prolong pump life, replace air stones regularly.
  4. Never allow pump to come into connect with water.

Important Safeguard

Disconnect all the plugs o the electrical aquarium appliances before putting hands into the water. We recommended that air pump and other electrical aquarium devices, should be connected to power supplies with ground fault circuit interrupters.

Additional information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 14 x 7 x 8 cm